Q: After applying Reiscare body powder to the skin, will bacteria or fungus proliferate and remain on the skin?

A: Reiscare’s body powder contains less than 0.3 water activity and remarkably prevents skin from wetness. Water activity controls the growth of microorganism whereby to thrive, bacteria requires 0.91 water activity while fungi requires 0.7 water activity. This makes bacterial growth less likely in the Reiscare body powder.

Q: Will the skin pores become clogged after using Reiscare body powder?

A: Despite the small particle size of Reiscare body powder, it is not small enough to cause the skin pores to become clogged. Natural perspiration is not impeded while it prevents wetness on the skin.

Q: Will long term usage of Reiscare body powder whereby through inhalation, it accumulates in the lungs poses any health risk to the consumer?

A: With natural moisture and 37 ┬░celsius temperature in the body, the organically biodegradable Reiscare body powder can help the body to absorb external moisture. Internal microorganism in the lungs can dissolve Reiscare.

Q: After our body's microorganism digests the inhaled Reiscare body powder; will there be any residue left?

A: There would be no residue left in the lungs after it is naturally digested. The digested substance is converted into carbon dioxide and methane gas which would be dissipated upon exhalation.

Q: What is the difference between Reiscare body powder and the powder made from corn starch?

A: Rice starch has smaller particle size than corn starch and renders a soothing feeling when applied to the body. Appearancewise, rice starch is naturally whiter than the color bleached corn starch.